Which common courses should I take?

CLICK HERE and follow the flowchart to find which courses you should take.

Please make sure to take all the relevant common courses in order not to experience any problems with your grades at the end of the semester.

General Common Course Descriptions
Yearly Courses:

  • English (For Departments Teaching in Turkish): İNG100
  • English (For Departments Teaching in English): ENG100
  • Physics (For Departments Teaching in English): PHY100
  • Physics (For Departments Teaching in Turkish): FIZ100
  • Information Technologies (For Departments Teaching in Turkish): BİL100
  • Information Technologies (For Departments Teaching in English): COM100
  • History (For Turkish and Cypriot Students): AIT100
  • History (For International Students): AIT200
  • Turkish (For Turkish and Cypriot Students): TUR100
  • Turkish (For International Students): YİT100

Semesterly Courses:

Elective Course Descriptions