About Us

Our Mission

  • To coordinate associate degree, undergraduate and graduate courses to promote a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning;
  • To work in collaboration with the education units and carrying out the planned academic activities regularly;
  • To provide educational opportunities to our students, optimising the facilities of Near East University;
  • To deliver knowledge, experience and skills of our academic staff to wider student groups;
  • To create a contemporary teaching culture in line with participatory, sharing, original and aesthetic values to benefit our students and support this teaching culture with contemporary information;
  • To increase the skills and achievements of our  graduates in the post-training period in order to make them adapt to different disciplines;
  • To have a participatory and sharing management that encourages teamwork.

Our Vision

  • To make collaboration a dynamic process;
  • To make teaching and learning processes student-centred and technology supported;
  • To become a unit that provides a solid example at national and international level and makes a difference.

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Under construction…