Fall 2020-21 Exemption Exams for Common Courses
  • An exemption exam will be held on 08.10.2020 and 9.10.2020 for common courses given at both Turkish and English medium departments. ONLY new students registering for the academic year 2020-2021 can take the exam according to the guidance given below:

TUR 100/101/102
AİT100/101/102 (Cypriot and Turkish students)
AİT103/104/200 (foreign students)

ENG 100/101/102
TUR100/101/102 (Cypriot and Turkish students)
YIT 100/101/102 (foreign students)
AİT100/101/102 (Cypriot and Turkish students)
AİT103/104/200 (foreign students)

  • Only the students who enrol at NEU in the 2020-2021 academic semesterare eligible to sit for the exemption exam. Those students who are already enrolled in their second semester and who have already taken one of the mentioned courses will not be considered as a candidate for the exam.
  • For semesterly programs, the students who are successful in the exam will be exempt from both 101 and 102 courses at the same time. For yearly programs, the students will be exempt from the course with 100 code. The letter grade for these courses will be assigned according to the exam score. The same letter grade will be assigned for both 101 (or 103) and 102 (or 104) in case of the semesterly programs. Once a student takes the exemption exam and receives a grade, it is not possible for that student to take any of the courses.
  • The failing students need to take both 101 and 102 (or 100) coded courses.
  • The exam will include all the topics of 101 and 102 courses. The topics can be found on UZEBIM’s website.

 Registrations will be taken until 06.10.2020, 17:00.

  • The students need to have their ID / passport (including a recognizable photo of the test-taker) and university registration paper with them at the time of the exam. Those students who are not able to show a valid identification document and/or university registration paper will not be allowed to take the exam.
  • The test-takers need to access the exam with a laptop (with an integrated camera) in good working condition. They will be asked to download a program before attempting the exam and keep their cameras on during the exam.

To see the exam timetable, please follow this link and scrollhttps://neu.edu.tr/exemption-exam-to-be-held-for-com100-com101-com102-yit-100-101-102-eng-100-101-102-ait103-104-200-and-bil100-bil101-bil102-ait100-200-101-102-103-104-ing100-101-102-tur-100-101-102-courses/?lang=en down: